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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A day for a sploding heads --

A little while ago, Rachael was telling me about the difficulties of riding a race horse around; how something so trained to go wasn't really very good at stopping, and how this could make life a little dangerous sometimes.

A lot of the times, I can feel the point at which my head is about to start running so fast that I may not be able to make it make it stop when I want it to. This is one of those days. It's not the sensation of a headache, exactly, but a sort of tightness, almost analagous to a muscle, between my temples, accompanied by increased blood pressure, quickening pulse, and all the other things sympathetic nervous system responses you'd expect from a high-activity situation. I know at this point, if I haven't already got things pointed in the right direction, it's probably too late.

Sitting in front of me at the moment (and I don't mean 'things I've read recently, I mean things I'm paging between right now ): Somewhere in all this is my head.

I just need to work a bit more on getting it pointed in the right direction before times like this happen, otherwise, thoughts get so out of order and crash into one another so many times that it all crashes down before I can build something interesting with it.


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