Tossing and Tortured 'Till Dawn

I come back to you now, at the turn of the tide.

Monday, February 21, 2005

To all those who have freedom,
to live and love as they choose

And yet dream of heaven.

Whosoever longs for days following death,
And asks absolution from breath,

I call them fools.

If you are greeted by the sun each day,
If you can but bid the moon goodnight,

You are already there.

If your heels may still touch the earth,
If your fingers may still caress a smile,

You have found happiness.

Should you falter, do not despair,
Had you no doubt, I would not call you alive.

But when you do, to whomever you pray,
Beg not for things you do not have,

Or to be whom you are not.

Whatever the cause that you are here,
(And I make no claims to know),
You are.

If you want to know the meaning,
If you ask what to do from now,

I can give you no wisdom; I am not wise
I can give you no answers; for none exist.

If you still wish to know,
I will give you a gift:

One drop of water, and one grain of sand

Walk to the sea, if you can
(A river, if not, will serve)

Mix the sand with the shore,
Try to find the grain again.

Pour the water in the sea,
And try to take it back.

Laugh, when you fail.

Take from the ocean two drops of water,
From the shore two grains of sand.

The next time you see discontent,
In another's eyes, heart, voice:

You will have a gift for them.


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