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Monday, June 27, 2005

Diagnosis: Amputation.

At least, that's what the paperwork from the emergency room says.

Thankfully, it's not as bad as it sounds, but let this be a lesson: be careful with those fixed gear bicycles!

I wasn't even RIDING my bike. If you'd have told me my bike would send me to the emergency room, not from a crash, but from cleaning it, after a rainy ride, I would have laughe. I was an idiot, I'll admit it. Cleaning off the chain on my fixed gear on the stand, I spun the pedals way too fast, and wasn't looking when I went at it with a rag. I ended up taking off the end of my thumb! About halfway through the nail, all the way through, except for a little flap, was cut off.

Thankfully, the 'amputation' part was only a tiny section of bone at the very tip of my thumb, and the good doctor got the skin sutured back in a reasonable mock-up of the way it was supposed to be.

Thursday I'll meet with a plastic surgeon (they do more than rhinoplasty!) to have her examine the thing further and give me a more detailed prognosis, but odds are I should have full use of the thing, which is good; I use the thumb on my strong hand for pretty much everything except typing!

First thing I thought was "sh!8, now I'm not gonna be able to race on wednesday evening."

In conclusion, ouch.


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