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Sunday, June 05, 2005

No matter how much I attempt to be a technophile, journaling on the computer doesn't seem to be as viscerally satisfying somehow as the physical use of pen and paper. The 'organic connection' to certain types of activities is something of great interest and confusion to me. Why should it be that a pen - no more a natural device than the computer - should feel so much more 'alive' than a keyboard? Is it merely that computers offer any of a dozen ways to distract my short attention span? Certainly I can type much faster than I can write, but, of course, I can think faster still. Is there some merit to tempering the speed that my thoughts are translated to the page? Is if the difference between the mobile, flat piece of wood pulp and the static, glowing LED? For certainly, something is satisfying about the shuffling of papers, the scratching of a pen, and, indeed, I have been known to use a fountain pen of late to write my meager memoirs of the day. Surely an outside observer must think this an intentional play to nostalgia, but for me, it's simply appealing, not as much in its conceptual romanticism as its "feel."

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