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Friday, January 20, 2006

Google : Still Not Evil. Google's motto is "don't be evil," and today, they've proved their mettle. The Department of Justice has badgered the internet's search engine providers into supplying them with lists of what you've searched for lately. Apparently, they are trying to revive a child-pornography law that was declared unconstitutional.

Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo, who don't get links because of this, all keeled over and gave the DoJ what they wanted, after some initial whining about privacy, but Google, unphased, gave them the big ol' finger.

"Their demand for information overreaches," said Nicole Wong, Google's associate general consel. DoJ's in the process of getting a court to strongarm the search giant into complying, of course, but I'm heartened by Google's resolve. "Google's acceding to the request would suggest that it is willing to reveal information about those who use its services. This is not a perception that google can accept," continues Google.

Thank you, google.

Google owns blogger, by the way.

An Observations on Raisins: Everyone knows they're dehydrated grapes, right? But did you know that if you re-hydrate 'em, you get a grape again? Try it: drop a few raisins into a bowl of water, wait overnight, and check 'em out again. Normal-looking grapes. There's no reason you'd actually want to do this, and they don't quite eat right this way, but it's still remarkably cool. What amazes me is that I've eaten raisins for twenty years without knowing this about them.

Football: What the fuck's the point? Up here in Seattle, everyone is absolutely freaking out about their bloody football team maybe making the championships. I don't know what the deal is with this game, and I never will. Every goddamned radio station in town is blaring around about this being "blue friday," and people are supposed to wear blue to support the team, etc. The "big game" isn't until Sunday, but they're still all over it.

If we could get people to get this excited, this unified, about a cause that actually mattered, maybe the world could be a slightly better place. Of course, good causes require things like effort and thought, rather than just cheering like a bunch of lemmings.

I understand that sport has its merits; hell, I'm pretty into cycling, but that's because I cycle and am genuinely impressed by the talents of the professionals. American-rules football, on the other hand -- a season consists of something like, what, 16 games? And there are how many people on a team, and they spend how little time, each, actually playing the thing? Seriously, I can't stand it; any time I'm somewhere football's on TV, it amazes me how little goes on. It's like ... wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, OKAY, there was the play. Now, how many angles can we re-play that play from while nothing else happens? But I suppose it matters enough to pay some big, fat, strong guys six- and seven- figure salaries to run into people a few times.

Now, here's a nice thing. I googled "football fanatic," the idea being to find a picture of one of those insane fans that make themselves up to look like KISS, but in the colors of their team of choice, paint their bare chests, or whatever. Instead, I found this:

Real football = soccer, plus Argentina. I'm not sure I can go along with every aspect of this overdone little thing, but it's a far more pleasant image than what I was expecting.


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