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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It would be great if microsoft could get anything right. Seriously.

I've been a Mac convert for the last three years, and am happy to no longer have to deal with spyware, viruses, constant "security flaws," pop-ups, pop-ins, pop-unders, and the like.

I still maintain a hotmail account, though, since it's my oldest e-mail account and many know it. Under pressure from the benefits of Yahoo and Gmail, they finally increased their storage beyond the paltry 2 megs that you got for I don't know how long.

However, I am consistently amazed with how terrible of a service it is. It's often slow to load, and at least once a week I simply cannot access my account because "the server is too busy," or "the server that contains your information is down for maintainence."

Furthermore, the console's controls have no idea what the fuck they're doing. The spam filter is inadequate, and if you flag one message as spam, it kicks you out of reading your mail. The combinations of buttons work very poorly, and have frequent, endemic malfunctions; if you delete a message, then hit "previous message," you will return to the message you intended to delete, and sometimes this will trigger the un-deleting of all messages you have removed in the past day or two.

Come on, Microsoft. Get with the program.

I recognize that this is a free e-mail account. But if all of the other big webgiants' free webmail can work well, why can't yours?


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