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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Le Deuxieme Pet Peeve of the Day

Want to know how to be really annoying?

Make a website that includes stuff that a lot of people would probably like to access, like movie reviews, a message board, or some other "helpful hints and tips" section.

Link prominently to that section from your homepage.

Then, prevent anyone from simply viewing your material without registering. Make sure to point out that this registration is "easy, takes less than five minutes, and is absolutely free!" As an added bonus, don't tell anyone that they're about to enter such a section so that it's a fun surprise to see the registration page, rather than the review / comment / tip they expected!

Listen, asshat, I don't care that much about your goddamned movie reviews. There are about fifty other ones out there that don't take any effort to read. I didn't especially seek out this data, it's nothing special, I just happened to click on the link that you managed to bait me with.

I'm sure if I weren't using a Mac and not accepting pop-ups, accessing your page would have given me 16 of them, too.

Go away.


  • At 5:26 PM , Blogger ryan said...

    Best thing about your blog? It gives me occasion to yell "Huzzah!" at least once a day.



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