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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"Freedom of speech doesn't mean insulting someone's religion."

Wait a minute.

That's EXACTLY what it means.

In response to the Muslim Cartoon Debacle, an anonymous commentor going by "Muslim" said on bethefawn said this "The pictures were ridiculous." Oh-kay, thanks for the unsolicited opinion. Then he added the above piece of nonsense, along with "Our prophet ... is very dear to us.":

"Freedom of speech" isn't entirely without bounds, and I won't begin to discuss the typically provided "yelling fire in a crowded theatre" hypothetical scenario.

I will simply say that the very core of "Freedom of Speech," is that it's not permissible to ban something simply because someone else might say be offended by it.

In my previous post, I said "Sticks and stones..."

Now, I say this about insults to your Dear, Sweet Prophet:

"Boo fucking hoo."

SPEAKING of Stones:

Another great example of this nonsense censorship in popular American media occurred at the football championships this past weekend. The (how-are-they-still-)Rolling Stones performed a few of their famous songs, including "Start Me Up," which includes the lyric "You make a dead man come."

The promoters strategically muted Jagger's microphone over the word "come," and the Stones frontman was livid.

In describing this dubious situation, David Bauder of the Associated Press wrote "the show's editors silenced one word close to the song's end, a reference to a woman so sexy she could arouse a dead man."

Not only is the word "come" unfit for a halftime show, but it is apparently so horrendous that it cannot be mentioned in a news article describing the situation. Too young to be a Rolling Stones fan and no supported of American football, I had to search the internet, (a thankfully easy task) to simply find out
what was censored.

What is the world coming to?


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