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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mouses and Mice -

Let it be known that, from here forward, the plural of mouse, as the computer point-and-clicker, is mouses.

Mice is reserved for multiples of little furry rodents.

Pet peeve of the day:

Domain squatting on misspellings of popular websites. I know it's come to the point that and must be bought by their respective properly-spelled parents, but I fondly remember the days when a typographical error would lead merely to a "DNS error" message. Now, though, I find a page of flashing nonsense that would give Internet Explorer fits of popups. Worse still are the pages that throw themselves into Google's database as the "Only source of fnords, frungy, and farthingales! Lowest price guarantee!" These sites aren't actually vendors of anything, of course, and merely serve as an advertising portal to a zillion more links, popups, and banners. They sit around on other misspellings or variations of the names of popular websites, sometimes employing the same name, with merely a different extension.

Just stop it.

This goes for you, too, Ebay.


  • At 8:06 PM , Blogger ryan said...


    Also, is there really a place to get fnords, farthingales, AND frungy all in one place? What's the catch?


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