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Friday, February 10, 2006

My Pet Peeve of the Day was going to be something entirely mundane.

However, the day's events have forced me to revise it to:

People who hit bicyclists with their cars.

Those people make me very upset.

All right, fine, let's get personal here.

People who hit me with their cars, and then drive away make me very angry.

Hero of the day goes to my man James, who drove off after the perpetrator and found her, parked at her house less than half a mile away. Thanks, man.

And as for you, Hardeep: this is how a citation for a "careless turn" becomes felony hit and run.

Have a very nice day.

I truly expected to look down and see the inside of my leg. Thankfully, nothing of the sort, though I can tell you I am not feeling so hot right now.

And my bike. Totally destroyed.

I loved that bike. Handmade by Washington's own MATCH bicycles (now defunct), one of a kind, previously owned by none other than Sacha from Vanilla, the last of the true Paramounts. I'm gonna miss you.


  • At 12:39 AM , Blogger ryan said...

    Jesus man, I'm really sorry to hear about that. Is the bike beyond even the repair that the massive amount of money you will take from that bitch can buy? I trust that her life will be very difficult from now until the cold embrace of death.

    If justice fails I'm going to start sending her my feces.


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