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I come back to you now, at the turn of the tide.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Not normally big on the celebrity gossip, and, as mentioned before, your humble narrator is resolved not to see any hollywood releases in theatre this year.

However, reading an interview with Kate Beckinsale (of Underworld fame) on Suicidegirls amused me enough to cite it.

Beckinsale stars as sexy vampire Selene in Underworld, both of which are co-written and directed by her husband, Len Wiseman.

Apparently, in the Underworld: Evolution sequel, there is a sex scene between Selene and Michael (Scott Speedman.) When asked how difficult such a scene was -- her husband directing it and all -- she said that it was especially difficult as Speedman had become something of a family friend. Furthermore:

"Len and I were alright and Scott was just tortured. I think it was much worse for him. He's the one who has a moveable part."

Nicely put, Kate.

And, let me add the obligatory blatant sexual reference: You can grow fangs and bite me anytime.


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