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Friday, February 17, 2006

Slaying Dragons on Mopeds, and Uncooperative Weather

I’d just finished a pretty sizable update, when high winds knocked the bloody power out. No,, I didn’t save first. This is Seattle -- it rains a ridiculous amount, all the time, but it basically never snows or tornadoes or hurricanes or any other massively inappropriate weather phenomena, least of all in the middle of February.

Last Friday, when I got hit, it was approaching sixty degrees out and sunny.

This week is not behaving.

Holy flummoxing frostbite, Batman, it’s the governor of California – I mean, Mister Freeze!

Yesterday, I was riding along at about twenty miles an hour when I noticed a Latino guy on an upright, commuter-type bike up the road. I didn’t give him much thought until a little while later, I noticed I wasn’t catching him particularly quickly, even up a slight hill! That’s really weird, because road cyclists are typically about twice as fast, if not more, than commuter-types when gravity affects you. I wondered if I wasn’t more hurt and slow than I’d thought, until I finally caught up with the guy and noticed that his bicycle had a suspiciously noisy package inside it. Yeah, okay, he was on a moped. Right after that a black Corvette screamed by with a license plate reading “DGNSLYR”. I want to see his skills of an artist.

It appears we’re not getting weather here as bad as up in the northeast, where the headline today was “high winds in northeast storm kill two.” Upon examining the story, I realized a strange thing about journalistic standards: you only get to be “killed” by the storm in certain ways. If the storm, say, causes a car crash, then you aren’t “killed in a storm,” you’re “killed in a car addident.” One unfortunate soul was killed when a tree crushed his pickup, and I guess that counted, even if the storm hit the tree hit the roof of his vehicle hit his head. But if the storm caused a tree to fall into the highway, and he had hit that, what would have killed him? What if you were hit by the now-uncontrolled truck of a driver hit by the roof hit by the tree knocked down by the storm? Or, what if the winds had caused him to lose control of his vehicle and fly off the side of the road and slam into a tree, crushing the roof into his head? I’m sure far more people have died in storm-related accidents in the past couple of days.

I guess one would have to determine what the “proximate cause” of the accident were.

At least, that’s what the insurance adjuster told me yesterday. It was good news, but took a moment’s interpretation after he told me that “our insured was the proximate cause of the accident.”

”Wait, does that mean you’re admitting fault?”

”Uh, yeah, we’re at fault.”

Great. Looks like I’ll get reimbursed for my destroyed bike and gear, at least, relatively shortly, so that I can get back on the road.

My leg is still terribly stiff, and now it’s all sorts of more funny colours! I don’t think there’s a contiguous 4-in^2 area on my left leg that does not contain a bruise!

What, exactly, happens because of that is a while in the coming.


  • At 3:21 PM , Blogger ryan said...

    "I guess one would have to determine what the “proximate cause” of the accident were."

    Arab terrorism. Definitely Arab terrorism.

  • At 1:31 PM , Blogger ryan said...



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