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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bad idea of the day: Store-brand tea.

I love Earl Grey tea, I really do. Despite the fact that it's impossible not to hear Patrick Stewart's voice whilst preparing it, and that I can never seem to recall whether "Grey" has an E or an A, it's all good stuff. I'm typically fond of Twinings, but this week I made the terrible mistake of picking up some store-brand EG. Forgive me; it was two-for-one.

The stupid idea comes in the packaging: usually, when you buy individually wrapped tea bags, they're in a little paper or foil packet. Rip or unfold, drop in in the water, there you go. This store brand tea fails miserably. Perhaps to cut a few fractions of a penny in costs, this tea is packaged individually in little PLASTIC packets. This is the tough, glued typed of plastic you might find sweets in -- not Hershey bars, but those little random 2-for-a-dollar grab bags at convenient stores.

The problem is you simply CANNOT RIP THEM open. There's no little pre-weakend tab, no strip of string or foil to help you out, nothing. It's either pull out the scissors or get really aggressive with your teeth.

What a horrible, horrible idea.

I went back to the store the next day, bought some Twinings like a good boy, and the store brand stuff will remain sealed in plastic in my pantry, awaiting a day when I am entirely out of other types of tea, or perhaps a nuclear winter, which I'm sure it will survive.


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