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Sunday, April 30, 2006

I couldn't make the race this week, but two brief amusing events from last week's:

* We've finished the stage 1 road race, and everyone's heading back to the staging area. Though it was seriously windy, everyone rode a pretty safe race; I only saw a couple of minor, run-off-the-road type falls. On the way back to the cars, three teammates were chatting right in front of me. One guy looks right but goes left, and takes knocks himself and his teammate down. This was the "worst" crash I saw all race! Thankfully, they were both fine, but the can't-look-where-he's-going guy did bang his knee pretty hard.

* Stage 2's circuit race is pretty twisty, and some people try to be helpful by calling out as they're passing. On the second lap, I notice a guy coming up behind me, and he says "on your right!"

"Uh, thanks, but that's left, dude."

"Oh, crap, sorry."

No harm, no foul, but it was sure funny.


  • At 9:58 AM , Blogger Al Maviva said...

    Nice. Until you are suffering mid-crit tunnel vision and spots, you don't understand how somebody could be that stupid. Having suffered that way, you wonder instead how any snot-covered gasping racer could have enough breath left mid-race to call out "on your left" vigorously enough to be audible.


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