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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Contre le Montre:

That’s what the French call the Time Trial. Otherwise known as, “No hiding place, sucka.”

Next weekend is the first Larch Mountain Time Trial. They call it the “Oregon Uphill CHampionships,” mostly so they can acronym it “OUCH.”

OUCH means about 3,000 feet of climbing in under 14 miles. It isn’t particularly steep, but it’s a long, consistent grade.

When I ride with a group of friends, teammates, or intermediate-level amateur racers, I go up hills relatively quickly in comparison. The only way that someone goes “fast” up a hill on a bicycle, short of a motor, is relatively. You’re still going awfully slowly.

Last year, the second Larch TT was the first event I did in the summer. I posted a 1:10:45, which is reasonable for a recreational rider but not too fast for a racer. I have a few advantages now that I didn’t then, of course. I had been back on the bike for less than two weeks after being sidelined for about a month with a bizarre injury. I started seriously training in late February of 2005. I’d never ridden the mountain before, nor a climb of that length; I really had no idea what to expect. From that perspective, I was happy enough with my results, but now I’ve got to back up what I’ve been doing.

In short, it’s time to see what difference a year makes. I’ve been training pretty seriously in the past 11 months, barring a couple of weeks from a car crash and a less bizarre knee injury. Checking through the results, it appears that the overall victory in the last event was this guy: Kerry Farrel, one of the current Master’s national roadrace champions. He won the time before that, too. And the one before that. He’s pretty damned quick. I found out I can keep pace with him on a shortish, very steep hill back in April. While I doubt that’s the case now, he beat all other 112 competitors into the ground.

This time, I’m sure I can do better than 46.

It all comes down to this, then.


  • At 9:16 PM , Blogger Argentius said...

    8th / 129 overall. Won the Cat 4's. Upgraded to Cat 3's. Placed 3rd. 1:02:15. (8:31) from last year. Still (4:30) to the winners. I'm getting there.


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