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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


There's a multi-use path in my area that's labeled the "BPA trail." BPA stands for Bonneville Power Administration, of course, and the paved path isn't just for the public good: it runs below the BPA's high-tension power lines. You know the kind: so much juice that you can hear them crackle above your head.

I found myself on this trail yesterday, and as I went to rest my hands on the tops of my bicycles' handlebars, I felt a sharp sting. At first, I believed I'd been stung by a bee. That'd be the third time this week.

It wasn't an insect, however, but the constant, rhythmic zapping that you'd get if you stuck your finger in the power outlet. Yes, those lines have enough voltage that their meagre insulation is easily overcome, and those passing below can receive a rude shock just by standing there.

I'm not sure if massive electromagnetic baths cause cancer, or will lead to mutant powers, but this doesn't quite seem like the way things should be.


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