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Thursday, June 29, 2006

This one's for you, Al.

Al Maviva runs around 'blog circles a lot, and posts lots of comments, making little guys like me feel like we're not just talking in the mirror. Thanks!

So I figgered I'd return the favor and post a comment or two on his weblog.

I wrote a whole diatribe -- well, at least 50 words -- out, but it rejected me. It's one thing not to allow anonymous comments, but apparently to comment on, you've got to register, get e-mailed a password, log in, and all that.

I ran out of inspiration to do that, and to write my comment again.

It's like the Chicago Tribune, or, which ever online version of a newspaper requires registration to read its articles. Sure, it's free, but, it's just one step too many.

Okay, so I may just be lazy.


  • At 6:31 AM , Blogger Al Maviva said...

    Argentius, you aren't a little guy. Now pull your pants up, and let's go get some beer. (I sincerely hope you get the Hemmingway reference).

    I like stopping by because your commentary is usually pretty smart and thoughtful, which makes it different from, oh, ~90% of the blogosphere. Plus you have some great stories. I'd have never thought of cutting off my finger using a fixed gear, just to generate blog content. That was a brilliant call, totally hard core.

    FWIW, lurkers outnumber commenters typically by a ratio of 100:1. So a lot of folks probably read your weblog. You need to do what I do, however, and just keep telling yourself that. Do not, under any conditions, install a hit counter unless your ego has airbags. Mine does not. Besides, I'm only a guest ranter, er I mean blogger, at Cold Fury. Mike Hendrix is da man. On CF comment policy - though it's pretty strongly libertarian/right leaning, all commments are welcome so long as they are not entirely uncivil, and as long as they are half way thought out. Rants are cool as long as they are directed at the ruling elite class (which encompasses greedheads of both parties, BTW), bad quality products, favoring good quality barbecue, or hammering on people who screw with bicyclists. The registration is pretty easy, BTW. We had to put that in because we were mucho comment spam, plus a lot of looooony left wingers - not liberals but ranting moonbats - polluting the place. Lately we've acquired an obnoxious hard right wing troll who is teetering on the brink of the blacklist too.


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