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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Well, the day of the Devil has come and gone with no ill effects. About the only thing that seemed to happen was lots of expectant mothers either induced delivery early, or made sure to hold off for a day so that they wouldn’t kick out the muchkin on Tuesday. What kind of silly superstition is that? It’s akin to not making a thirteenth floor on a building or something. Personally, I’d love to be born on 6-6-06. Except then I’d be an infant.

Another weird thing? The “Alt” key on my desktop has stopped working. It’s BOTH alt keys, and no other keys. Swap keyboards, and it’s all back to normal. How do they both spontaneously fail without anything else going?

As you may know, your humble narrator is an avid cyclist, and a fan of the professional sport as well. Though it gets little respect in North America compared with Europe, Cascadia is more attuned to two-wheeled pedal power than most of the rest of the continent. Here’s a few of the weblogs to some local Oregonian pro cyclists. Stop by, say hello, and click-spam some ad links.

Barry Wicks: AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork/Kona (there’s a mouthful.)
Omer Kem : Formerly of Team Monex, Subway, and Broadmark.
Ryan Trebon: Kona / Mouthful
Doug Ollerenshaw: Health Net p/b Maxxis. Currently recovering from a fractured hip sustained in his first European campaign. Wish him speedy recovery!


  • At 12:33 AM , Blogger ryan said...

    Man! I look away for 3 days and then: all this!

    I spent the afternoon of the Day of Reckoning getting a new tattoo: a version of Metatron's cube. You never can have enough angelic protection. Plus, now me and Nightcrawler would have something to talk about.

    Pictures forthcoming.


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