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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tour de Spolier : The problems of mass media

Okay, so, despite the Operacion Puerto drama, there's still a Tour de France on, and I'm still interested in watching at least some of the stages.

Today's flat sprinter's stage might have been exciting. Oscar Freire beat Tom Boonen and all the other big sprinters to take the W.

It wasn't exciting, because I didn't find get to find out the winner by watching the stage!

Just by turning the computer on, wham, spoliered! It was even WORSE last year, when American Lance Armstrong was out for his seventh Tour victory. You basically had to avoid all media.

See, the Tour is in France. Domestic-time, that means stages start at 3 in the bloody morning. Since I'm not intending to watch it live, and OLN hasn't got anything better to do than show the Tour six times per day, I was planning to watch it later.

But now it's no use. Especially in a sprint stage, the forty-plus-mile-an-hour, shoulder-to-shoulder, lots-of-other-hyphens madness just isn't the same when you think, "oh, here I get to watch Friere win a stage."

Seriously, within five minutes of the end of any major event, athletic competition or otherwise, it's up on 34,294 websites, weblogs, message boards, and basically any form of online culture you like.

I'm not suggesting there be some kind of ... ban on reporting here, but, what am I supposed to do?


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