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Friday, August 18, 2006

All your bikes are belong to us!

So, yesterday I hooked up with a hammerfest group ride that I hadn't ridden with in a while. This thing is a pseudo-race, with a reasonably big turnout, a designated "course" and "finish line," and some decent hills for its distance.

Mostly, the group are professionals who ride fast and aggressively, have raced at one point or another, but really don't have time to pin a number on very often. There's still a few pretty fast guys that show up, though, and it makes for a good show.

As with any group, they already have their alpha-males all lined up, and these get half-sarcastically grumpy at some skinny college kid showing up and changing the dynamic around.

There's a section where they run a light paceline, letting everyone warm up, and I pulled into line and sent signal.

One guy said "Hello," but another said, "Hi, how are ... Oh. It's you."

How could I resist? You know I have to say it. So I did.

"How are you gentlemen !!"

No robot voice, suppressing my urge to giggle maniacally. I didn't tell them they were on the way to destruction or anything, though. That would've been mean.


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  • At 11:03 PM , Anonymous tin68 said...

    I learned biking when I was very young. Now that i am adult i can hardly keep myself balanced on a bicycle. Why so?


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