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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I hate television as much as the next guy, but. No, wait, scratch that. I hate television much more than the next guy, and one of the things that I particularly don't like, next to bad commercials, is theme songs. Today's Strong Bad e-mail puts it simply:

"Theme songs are just an excuse for show makers to make less show." -- Strong Bad

I couldn't have said it better myself.

"You're basically asking me to dedicate 2 minutes ... to what is essentially a commercial for something you're already watching!"

Okay, so, next, we have "Ergo" keyboards. You know what you do. You bastards.

These are those keyboards that are shaped entirely wrong, with the "TGB" column split from the "YHN," and everything is sideways, with some keys bigger than other ones. These annoy me so much I basically won't use a computer that has one. The first reason these are no good is that they're unlike most other keyboards, so if you get accustomed to one, it'll foul up your typing on a "real" keyboard, and vice-versa. (This, by the way, is why I never learned the Dvorak system very much, despite it being much more efficient than QWERTY.) The other reason is that not everyone types like you do!

Yours truly is left-handed, and my name begins with the letters T and Y. When I type those letters together (as in the word "type," even), I use my left index finger to roll across the T and onto the Y. This is much better than having to take up both index fingers. Same for words that start with "GH," though "Ghost" is the only one that comes to mind. No, I can't think of a "BN" word.

But still, the point remains, people can type plenty well with QWERTY keyboards. I can push 90 words / minute on a good day, and beyond that I'm not thinking enough anyway.


  • At 1:26 PM , Blogger ryan said...

    I've been thinking about this keyboarding issue a lot lately (partially due to our discussions of my own keyboard) and I was thinking that QWERTY-style keyboarding might be something like a musical instrument, or even a native language. While it might make learning DVORAK or other keyboard styles more difficult, it seems to me that one could never truly lose the skill, unless it was neglected for a very long time. I've heard it supposed that DVORAK might ruin QWERTY skills, but I think perhaps that isn't true.

    I might give this an honest try.


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