Tossing and Tortured 'Till Dawn

I come back to you now, at the turn of the tide.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I normally try to stay out of divisive political issues here, because you've already got your opinion and aren't likely to listen to mine.

I AM amazed at how big of morons many people are.

But this whole Plan B nonsense is just going to far.

There's a bunch of people with nothing better to do whinging about this pill, wanting to -- well, they'd make it illegal if they could.

They'd make sex illegal too, I'm sure.

Listen, you morons. Plan B is contraception. It is not an abortion.

Why are some people so convinced about their delusions that they are not interested in thinking?

Well, Wendy Wright of the Concerned Women for America (and what's with these milktoast names for these deminazi groups?), who according to the above article believes that her "earlier input was ignored," get off your high horse and get a fucking clue.

Could people who are not doctors please stop trying to pretend that they have any idea what they are talking about with regard to the "harmful effects" that medicine will or will not have?


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