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Monday, August 14, 2006

Jimmy doesn't let on how funny he is at first. This is the same way the guys who are fast, also like Jimmy, don't really reveal that fact when you first go for a ride with them. They just tool around like, whatev, this is fun, see, we're out for a ride! When really, it's more like Fezzik and Wesley in The Princess Bride.

"Look, are you just toying around with me or what?"

"I just want you to feel you are doing well! I hate for people to die unhappy..."

So the fast guys are all, see, we're being "inclusive" and letting the rest of you all feel good by keeping up or being the first one to the top of the hill and stuff. Then they decide some sign is a sprint point or they're going to have a little go just for kicks, and you look at your legs like "Come on, eh? Can't you, um, give me a little help here?"

But he's got one of these blogs now, too. And if you're liking the bike racing, you should go check it out.


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