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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sometimes, I cheat a bit in nethack.

While doing this, I found this out:

If you copy something in Windows XP, it creates a file called "Copy of FILENAME."
If you do that again, you get "Copy (2) of FILENAME."
Predictably, a third time yields "Copy (3) of FILENAME."

Now, delete copy (2), and duplicate copy (3) again, and you'll get another "copy (2)," since that slot is now empty.

However, if you delete the first "Copy of FILENAME," and the third, leaving only the original and Copy (2), a strange thing happens.

Copy the original again, and it's "Copy of FILENAME," just like before.
But if, INSTEAD, you copy "Copy (2)," and it becomes "Copy (3) of filename," bypassing the "Copy of FILENAME" altogether.


EDIT: This only seems to happen if you're copy / pasting in a given folder in a given time. If you've shut down the computer or something, and then copy again, you just get "Copy of copy of copy (2) of FILENAME," or whatever.



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