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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pet Peeve of the Day – Sorry, registration required!

When using Google or other browsing for news and articles, the absolutely most annoying thing in the world is getting not the article but a registration required message. It’s intolerable. It’s worse than a dead link or a “page not found,” because in that case, the data’s just not available. Registration required means we’ve got what you’re interested in, but we’re not going to give it to you unless you jump through some hoops.

Look, I’m not THAT interested. I don’t care that “registration is free, and takes less than five minutes!” I’m just browsing the internet, and there are plenty of news sites that are free, no registration required, that will tell me about what I want to know. I went to your site because you had an interesting headline, or Google listed the start of your article, or something. If you want to incorporate ads into your website, that’s okay, but I’m not adding you guys to the list of “spam me, please!”

So stop it.


When my cell phone is receiving a text message and it’s sitting near my computer screen, the monitor will flicker briefly, three times, a moment before the phone realizes it’s got a message. Woah. FCC compliant indeed!

Pet Peeve of the day number two: “Check Masters”

Everyone knows about those disgusting “payday loan” places, right? They offer you the ability to borrow money, without checking your credit, and call it a “payday advance.” They can give you a loan of $500, for two weeks, for the low low fee of $75.00! Do the math and that’s about 400% interest.

We all know those places are evil, right? I mean, the typical Mafioso loanshark rates are more like 100-150%. But those are bad and illegal, of course. And of course, the reason that payday loan places charge what they do: state law. It’s the maximum amount they’re legally allowed to charge, of course. But the existence of these places isn’t even the Pet Peeve.

My problem is a specific one here ins Washington: Check Masters. They’ve got an advertising campaign full of friendly, happy, smiling people, and declare that they do things differently. They care about you, they respect you as a person. While they charge you 400% interest.

Would you stop pretending that this is anything other than a last ditch, no-other-choices method used by people who are going to get reamed by someone one way or the other?


  • At 10:25 PM , Blogger ryan said...

    If you think that's bad, try leaving your phone on top of your computer while you receive a call. I think it could probably do some damage if left there long enough.


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