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Friday, October 13, 2006

The French Hate our Freedoms (and so do we):

Yes, for all of the crap that goes on these days, sometimes you realize that it’s good to be American.

The French are considering a law that would punish by imprisonment denying the “genocide” of Armenians by Turks. The penalties are the same as currently imposed for those evil, evil people who deny the Nazi Holocaust took place.

Here in the US of A, it’s a freedom I know I take for granted to say and damned fool thing I like. Now, I’m torn here, because in France they don’t get all Avenging Puritanical at the sight of a woman’s bare breast or something. But it’s a different thing entirely from David Irving, the British scholar who was jailed in Austria for such Holocaust-denial.

I firmly agree with the quotation widely attributed to Voltaire: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” What kind of sick place is it when, in the “developed” world, we imprison people who take a different position than we do? Doesn’t this fly in the face of everything we learned from Copernicus and Galileo? Hell, even “Michael Savage’s” disgusting hatemongering isn’t illegal, just disgusting. I will oppose him vehemently, I will refuse to buy his ”Facism Cola” (Rockstar energy drink), I will tell everyone I know that he is a disgusting, hate-mongering windbag. Were this a different time, who knows, I might challenge the man to a duel at dawn.

But I would absolutely not have him imprisoned by the government for his views!

As a related aside, while looking at the “Cursed Ograbme”political cartoon, something struck me: in this cartoon, from the early 19th century, “Damn it!” is an impermissible expletive. So, the cartoon says “D—N it!” Two hundred years later, how far have we come with free speech? Listen to any modern rock song on the radio, and it’s likely you’ll hear “fuck.” Only, it’s the radio, so instead, you will hear “F—K!” Further, while “Damn,” and “ass” can be uttered with impunity, you will still hear bleeps over “G—Damn you!” and “assh—e!” Wow. That is progress, folks.

Of course, everyone reading or hearing these “censored” words will know what they mean, of course. Why in the world is suggesting a word, which will cause everyone to hear it in their mind, acceptable, but saying the word itself not? I suppose I should expect this not to make any sense to me, because I don’t understand why a single word would objectively be offensive any any case.

Damn it, how he nicks ‘em!


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