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Friday, January 19, 2007

A Semblance of Normalcy, and, I am About to Talk About the Weather, Again. --

I do not think I have ever been this excited for it to be 38 degrees and raining. This is what Seattle is "supposed" to be like in January, whatever that means. See, Seattle produces some of the toughest bike riders out there because it's got some of the nastiest weather that you can actually ride in. For the past ten days, we've been holed up in our basements, porches, and the like, spinning circles on trainers like everyone else in Boston or Alaska or the Frozen Lands of Nador.

The thing of it is, we get an average of seven days of snow a year, but that's misleading, because those seven days average less than an inch of it, and it's almost never below freezing the whole day, so it just melts off and the ground never gets truly cold. The snow that is still piled on the roadsides in today's rain is from a week ago wednesday.

The lovely part about this is that it's all piled in the shoulders and sides of the roads, which is where us cyclists get to live. Also, it means that all sorts of little bits of dirt and gravel and grime are accumulated in the snow, and then that all gets shoved to the same side of the road. This means that, even if you've got fenders, you look like you've gone through a cement mixer by the end of your ride.

But I don't care, because my bike is at least moving FORWARD when I pedal, instead of just spinning in circles.

PS. No, your humble narrator cannot ever make up his mind whether to give emphasis with italics or just to use ALLCAPS. It's slicker to italicize, but that takes tags, instead of just the shift key. Am I lazy or what?


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