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Thursday, January 25, 2007

This is how it goes

(when you have these delusions of upgrading and doing stage races and stuff)

8:00am - Wake up. It's sunny, which is a good thing. Drink coffee. Eat a cookie.
Weather forecast claims 52 degrees. Hoo-ray.

8:30am - Gear up!

8:45 - Ride out the door over to teh training partner's place.

9:15 - Arrive and eat some serious brekky. Eggs, bagels, banana, veggie sausage, orange juice.

9:30 - Out the door with a full belly. It's still frosty on the ground. I have arm warmers, at least.
Head north.

10:15 - We're going to be late to meet the next guy. Crap. Kick it up to 40 km / hr for about an hour.

11:30 - Meet next guy in Seattle, who's only been waiting a few minutes. Is that a raindrop?

12:00 - Yeah. It's raining. And the sun has gone, replaced by gray, gray, and gray. Kenmore.

1:30 - Sing "Rain, Rain, Go Away." It doesn't help. It's only kinda drizzly, but my fingers are cold, and we're in Bellevue.

2:00 - Meet fourth guy, but he and second guy split off here. Time to head south. It's still drizzling, my fingers are still cold.

What time is it? Where am I?

Are you cooked? Yep. Are you? Pretty much.

I guess I can do one last pull.

I guess I can do one last pull.

4:00 - hey, wow, I'm almost home.

4:15 - Try not to fall over into bed, complete with muddy clothes.

What do we got?

6 hours, 47 minutes. 119 miles.

Same time tomorrow?

You bet.


  • At 7:56 PM , Blogger Old as dirt said...

    Dang, T that's some serious training! Is that Torgerson with you?? Don't make him too fast now, he's my competition : -)
    See you Sunday, either on the ride or at the meeting afterwards.

  • At 9:34 PM , Blogger allons-y said...

    wah wah.

    in all seriousness, you are going to be flying come spring.


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