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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh, cereal, how I love you. I'm glad malt-o-meal tastes as good to me as the "real thing," because I go through quite a lot of it. And, three cheers for BOGO!

While I'm talking about things I like, instead of complaining like I usually do, let me tell you fairly limited wisdom I've learned in what is now officially 2 years on the bike:

* Post-ride naps are awesome. I think if I had 4 hours to train, I'd take a 3-hour ride and a 1-hour nap instead of riding the whole time.
* A wind vest is the most versatile piece of clothing in your closet, especially for the kinds of temperatures you're going to face here in the pacific northwest. Bonus if it has pockets in the back.
* After that is smartwool socks (huzzah!) leg warmers.
* That reminds me: CYK, folks. Cover Your Knees. SRSLY, if it is below about 65 degrees, at least knee warmers are the order of the day. I almost always use full leg warmers.
* 100 PSI is just as effective as 125 PSI (in "standard" 700x23 road tyres), but much more comfortable. YMMV if you're a heavier rider.
* I eat lots of cheap Costco boxes of fig newtons and granola bars rather than shelling out for "energy" food. Seems just fine. Chris calls this the "mac and cheese of ride food."

I miss what appeared to be spring. I guess someone shot the groundhog...


  • At 7:19 PM , Blogger allons-y said...

    naps - they are nice, but take tooo much time.
    windvest - don't own one, should I?
    wool socks - + 1 (and leggers)
    knees - +1
    psi - +1
    cheap food - +1

    so i agree with you on 4/6....


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