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Monday, February 26, 2007

Some Cycling Some Not:

First of all, George Hincapie has to have the worst luck, ever. I mean, ever. You all remember what happened to George in last year's Paris-Roubaix? His steerer tube cracked, leaving his handlebars connected to thin air, and wham, there goes the race, the shoulder, and two months of racing. Then, at the Tour de France, he didn't really have what he needed in his chance to not work for a certain Texan. THEN, when he was about to win the Eneco tour, he did this. Or, had it done to him, rather.

So, he gives up on winning the tour, decides to focus on the classics, and what happens? First race of the season, in February, in California, whammo! Touch of wheels, broken wrist, whole classics season down the drain. Flush! No good.

Life Lessons Learned at Grocery Stores:

For better or for worse, my "school job" for the past far too many years has been working at grocery stores. I'm convinced that everyone should work at a grocery store at some point in their lives -- you learn a surprising amount about human behavior. I mostly order and stock, um, groceries, but I do it at night and often I'm the only one there, which means that I've got to ring up the occasional customer in this small-town-feel unincorporated area of King County, just outside of Seattle.

Today's life lesson is tobacco cultural stereotypes. I don't smoke, and don't advise that you do. But, if you are smoking Newports, the odds are very good that you would tick the "african-american / black" box on a survey. Why is that? Is there some kind of marketing strategy about this?

Or how about Parliaments? I cannot even think "Parliament lights" without doing so in a Russian accent. Yes, there are a number of Russians and Ukrainians in my little area, no I am not slick enough to tell the difference on sight, and I do not think I have ever sold a pack of these cigarettes to a ... crap, I can't think of a way to say "not a member of a former Soviet state" without sounding like an ass. But the question remains.

But, really. Most all tobacco is one of 3 major corporations, plus Lorillard. They've all got a fistful of brands under their umbrella. What do they do, decide that they're going to specifically target particular brands to particular subgroups?


  • At 9:55 AM , Blogger allons-y said...

    yea, big george has some bad luck recently. he's gotta be old and close to hanging it up, and the last two season can't be helping that decision (or can they?)

  • At 11:47 AM , Blogger stokediam said...

    It's sadly ironic about George. In last Thursday's live webcast of the ToC, they talked about how few big guys there are in the pro peloton. They specifically mentioned George and said one reason he can climb is because he's so thin and lightweight, and he's so light for his size because his bone density is so low. And when your bone density is low, your bones break really easily (all of which they acknowledged). So, all you skinny little (wannabe) climber types, go to the gym and work on your bone density!

  • At 5:04 PM , Blogger ~*~Snappz~*~ said...

    I know nothing about the bike/riding part of the blog ... I just skipped that bit :o) But I get where you're coming from with the supermarket thing. I work part time at Safeway while I study, and oh-my-god the things you learn about people. It really opens your eyes to the way that human nature really is.


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