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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Can I take a mulligan?

This weekend was pretty dumb. It's all Mick's fault. Okay not really, but OAD did tell me that I shouldn't attack the crap out of this week's race, so, I didn't. Very much. Apparently the idea is to be fast in July instead of March or something, but I tend to ride on a lot of anger and it just makes me grumpy to sit around in a pack and not do anything. Anyhow all that happened was a bunch of crappy negative racing, since everyone seems to think they're robbie mcsomeone or something. So, every break that I am in gets hauled back in a hurry, but I keep waiting for the counter that never comes. Or, if I attack, chased down again in 2.5 seconds. Very nice. So we got to ride around in circles and get poured on for a few hours to have a Mason Lake bunch sprint, which I have absolutely no interest in screwing around with. I think we've exposed my biggest on-the-bike weakness: fighting my way through a bunch of riders to get to the front, when all of them are determined to Not Ride Very Fast.

Then I crashed, which really didn't do much harm but it made me mad and I WOULD scrape up my face some, so now I get to tell everyone the same 2-line story about 50 times. I hate doing that.


  • At 7:17 PM , Blogger allons-y said...

    you raced. you raced dumb apparently. you learned --> no mulligans needed.

    at least you got to race.

  • At 7:56 AM , Blogger Old as dirt said...

    Excuse me, I think you learned a lot. Stuff you wouldn't learn riding in a break with 3 other guys! It's MASON LAKE you're racing for NOTHING. When you get to do harder races you'll be needing everything you've got.
    You didn't race stupid, you raced to observe.

    and, sorry you fell!

  • At 8:43 AM , Blogger Argentius said...

    Josh -- I didn't race dumb, I raced "within my limits," as they say.

    And, yes, Mick, that is pretty hard for Yours Truly to do.

    Like Joe said, "you don't get much bunch riding experience being in a break with 3 other guys,"

    to which I said, "Hey, there were like, 10 guys at the beginning..."

    But, I'm racin' for upgrade points! :)

  • At 4:55 PM , Blogger allons-y said...

    racing within your limits is a good thing. as i said, you learned, and you got to race.

    and you really, really need to get rid of the danged word verification to leave a comment, please?


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