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Friday, April 06, 2007

Requiem for a bike:

I was just thinking about my Paramount. This was a really nice bike. It was my first road bike, and I really chose it because, of the bikes I found in my price range, I could have a fairly standard "entry-level" aluminum roadbike, or this. We went on a lot of nice rides together; I rode it almost exclusively my first year on the road. I raced a few times on it, despite it not being a "modern race bike."

Picked it up in the spring of 2005, and though those first few thousand miles took a long, long time, it really seems like I rode it for more than I did, which is a bit under a year. In february 2006, a car made short work of the 853 steel tubes.

In a sense, the Paramount taught me an interesting lesson about the permanence of life, or something. You see, I have always had the ability to get oddly sentimental, even about inanimate objects. I can personify them very easily, I get attached to them, and in some sense I enjoy taking good care of a machine. I did this for my first car, which I always regretted selling for cheap when I was desperate, and I got some satisfaction out of meticulously cleaning (and even waxing!) the Paramount. In the end, it quickly proved irrelevant.

Now I think of my race bikes as means to an end, tools. I like them, I enjoy having them, but I know they will get scratched up, laid down, beaten up, used up, and next year it will be time for something else. But one day, when I can afford to have a bigger stable of two-wheelers, I'd love to have a bike that really felt like "mine" again. I still have the damaged frame in my closet. I hang onto some hope of maybe getting it repaired one day...


  • At 11:52 AM , Blogger stokediam said...

    Or, someday when you have a bigger stable, the bike you cherish will be hanging in the garage because if you raced on it, it would "get scratched up, laid down, beaten up, used up." I have one bike (besides the tandem) that's more than just a tool, and I won't ride it until I can baby it.

  • At 11:58 AM , Blogger Argentius said...

    Which one?

    I have the theory that maybe I will have a custom-for-me steel bike built up, one of these days... but I rather think that will be a while.

    Should've jumped on Sacha's list when it was 12-18 months, now it is 47(!!) and his prices have nearly doubled. He deserves it, though...

  • At 1:51 PM , Blogger stokediam said...

    Mine is a steel Colnago. My first "real" bike that wasn't a hand-me-down from Mick. Have fun in Wenatchee!

  • At 11:13 PM , Blogger Eben said...

    Yeah, I hear you on this one. That Paramount was a beautiful and unique bike. I was really sad when I heard it "died" and it wasn't even mine. I've bought and sold more bikes than I care to admit and there are some that are just special. Keep looking for the bike that you can let sit and look pretty until it's time for an epic 8 hour ride on a sunny day.


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