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Thursday, April 05, 2007

So, I have been kind of grumpy for the past few days because I raced like crap over the weekend. I was just on a couple of bad days, I'd done too much in the days before, whatever. Today was finally what I needed to feel better. I went and rode out to Seward Park, which takes a bit under 2 hours to ride to, and then did the p/1/2/3 (that's a lot of slashes!) race there. It was great -- I swear it must've been 70 degrees out, I rode out to Seward with no gloves, no arm or knee warmers, and was still a bit too warm while sitting in traffic thanks to my messenger bag. I'll take "a little too warm" any day!

The race itself was pretty chill. I just put it on cruise control and got a feel for riding with the fast guys; I wasn't supposed to have a very hard day anyway. But compared with the previous Cat 3, and 4/5 before that, races I've done, the sketchy factor was almost nil. Everyone just pointed there bike in the right direction and rode it. I had a brief moment when I pulled my rear wheel halfway out of my dropouts and was met with a sudden screeching of tires, but I got it sorted out and stayed upright.

OAD was there, too -- I didn't actually think he was going to make it out! I didn't even recognize him unti the race was basically over, but he looked to be riding well.

I'm going to go watch the 3 days of de panne, or however you say that in Flemish, on now.


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