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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Catastrophic failure and using up your stuff:

K-man posted this today. It definitely highlights what I don’t want to happen to me!

One of my training partners is pretty good at using up his stuff. As an 80 kg cat 1 leadout rider and crit-racer, he put as much stress on components as anyone. For the non-bike-racers out there, if the average rider is a Honda, this guy is a top-fuel drag racer. He’d be running the same aluminum frame, and the same spinergy rev-X wheels, for 3 seasons. Trained on it and raced, winter and summer.

At the start of the season, I noticed that the braking surface of his rear wheel was strongly concave, and it kinda concerned me. At a race, he flatted, and when he was changing the flat, the rim came off with the tire. Oops.

I recently found a protour-level carbon fiber frame for sale for… well, for more than a song, but far less than market value for the thing, to say nothing of retail. I passed it onto my friend, who didn’t like the creakiness his alloy frame had picked up anyway. When taking his components off of the old bike to put them on the new one, he noticed why the sucker “didn’t feel right:” a 3-inch long crack in the downtube. He said he could flex the thing open with his hands. Well, crap.

I’m just glad the thing didn’t fail suddenly and catastrophically on a big descent, and gods forbid during a race…


  • At 1:31 PM , Blogger josh said...


    i guess i am sort of like the used toyota you bought off an old lady who drived it to church and bingo night?

    actaully, i had to retire my rear training wheel yesterday, i flatted on a cobblestone rode, and it just is at the point where its done. 4 flat spots in the rim, braking doesn't happen any more, and it is missing a number of spokes. oh well, just a good excuse for new stuff, right?

    did i tell you i got a sweet summer job?


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