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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Thank you post:

I geek out on RBR's forums more than I should, probably, and when I got back I had a glance in the "Racing and Training" forum. I was shocked to find 2 threads about my attempts at NRC racing -- lots of "Good luck" and "Allez!" all around.

Aw, gee, thanks guys and gals. That was really cool.

Also, Hood River is kinda sorta close to Portland, and a big bucket of thanks goes out to my mother, who drove a whole bunch of miles just to stand in the 95-degree heat and pass out a few bottles of gatorade! They were a lifesaver, by the way. Thanks so much.

And, also, thanks to the corps of hardcore, experienced racers who've given me a bunch of encouragement, advice, and most especially perspective on this stuff. Here are acronyms and nicknames! OAD and stoked, Chris (quick, someone must have a nickname for him), Mister O.K., CYCA, JMM, etc.

Finally, one more person needs a whole lot of appreciation, but I'll leave that off of the weblogs, eh?

Pet Peeves of the Day that I Learned at Mt Hood :

* Littering -- what the crap, guys? I know you are all cool and pro racers and stuff, but we have 4 feed zones plus caravan cars, what are you doing throwing your bottles and powerbar wrappers and shit all over the road? As I was soloing the last 25 miles of stage 2, I was shocked at the number of bidons and the volume of trash on the ground. It looked like a baseball game.

* Integrated Headsets -- I have had three experienced, professional mechanics fiddling with the headset on my race bike, and I have personally removed and regreased the thing half a dozen times. It's not very exciting to get out of the saddle up a climb and hear "creak, creakity, creak!" with every pedal stroke. I know that they're cheaper and lighter than the traditional kind, but, seriously. As an aside, one of the mechanics said the problem with many integrated headsets is that they have a 36 degree bearing angle, whereas the Campagnolo-style unit had a a 45-degree bearing, making things seat that much better. Apparently those don't suck so much. I don't know, though, I'm not an engineer...


  • At 8:40 PM , Blogger Old as dirt said...

    It's all a learning curve (and a steep one for you). If you learned something from the race it was not a bad experience. Bike racing is all about perserverance, I hope ;-)

    I do have your trainer, shall we bring to PR?

  • At 8:14 AM , Blogger josh said...

    you need to do more stage races that are reported on cn, then i have something to do at work on the few days i go...

  • At 8:48 PM , Anonymous Cruzer said...

    you should get on facebook.

    you're so out of the loop.


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