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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All right, you guys win.

Just stop being fucking right, okay? I'm going to concede two points right now:

First of all, overtraining. I didn't really believe that this existed; sure, being tired, getting a day worth of rest, fine, but I tried to blame my poor performance on a bunch of things besides just having fallen off a cliff of overtraining. Well, let me revise, I've heard it said recently that "there's no such thing as overtraining, only underrecovery." I think that sounds right. The net result is, I had a very, very light week of riding last week, and I finally feel that I've crossed the chasm. A little bit of the snap is gone from the legs, but a week isn't long enough to lose more than that, I hope. I felt like I had slugs in my veins for weeks and I kept trying to do the classically stupid cyclist response, which is, "I am riding slowly. I must train harder." Then, I would go out and train harder, only I couldn't really train hard because of the slugs, so I just rode myself into the ground and got more tired.

Good plan, eh? Working on your feet, throwing boxes around and stuff, all night, then going for a bike ride, coming home, taking a nap, and riding for a few hours, then taking another nap, then going back to work and doing it all over again, it seems isn't quite the right answer when I get 4 or 5 fitful hours of sleep in a day. I've got my schedule a bit more sorted now. If I can make myself "waste time" by sleeping more, then I might avoid doing the Same Stupid Thing all over again.

Next up is helmets. Now, I -almost- always wear my helmet, but I've been a No Big Deal helmet guy before. See, I figured the chances that a helmet would prevent my sudden demise were pretty minimal, and I still recognize that a Sudden Impact with a car or telephone pole at thirty miles an hour would be game over, styrofoam hat or not. But, I think it would've prevented Fatty's friend Kenny from getting his head split open. Hey, I mean it, though, don't look at the link if you don't feel like seeing a split-open head. I think my hair would probably give me DR 1, but the No.6 would probably be worth another 3 or 4. I'd really rather not have the 1d+1 end up 7 without it.

Points if you understood that.

The point, though, is that I'm going to keep on wearing mine. And I will promise that I will at least continue the hunt for another Bell Sweep at a steal of a deal.


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