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Friday, July 06, 2007

Some Unrelated Things

Okay, chemistry question for the day: I have a little travel toiletries bag for all my bike race journeying, with little plastic squeeze bottles for soap, shampoo, et cetera. Well, I thought I'd save space by pouring some shampoo and some conditioner into the same bottle. Shampoo, of course, is a fairly viscous liquid, and conditioner is more like a thin grease. So, I didn't quite expect the solvent-type reaction that the two would have with one another. When I got to the hotel, the bottle's contents were a thin liquid, about the consistency of milk. What just happened?

Why in the world does broccoli get a bad rap? I mean, this stuff has to be one of my favorite food items. Is it because the only thing you've had is frozen, re-heated, and boiled to a limp pulp boroccoli, or what? It should still have just a bit of firmness, and a little butter and lemon pepper goes a long way. Or, mitzithra cheese, which even cheapie italian-like chain the Old Spaghetti Factory has sorted out. When I was younger, my mother makde sure to instill reasonably good table manners in all of us, including not taking too much of any one dish. However, she could never really get too mad at me for taking all of the brocolli, and just resolved to make more next time. I mean, who tells an eight-year-old boy to eat less vegetables, right? But, seriously, the stuff is good.

Confidential to a ride leader: if you are going to publicly list a ride, it would be helpful to know well in advance that the thing is going to end 30 miles from where it starts. Just, you know, a thought... it was a really beautiful ride, nonetheless.

This was also the first Independence Day in recent memory that I fired mortars by placing the tube "on a hard level surface, light fuse, and get away." I usually get pretty sooty from shoulder-firing the things, because they're so much fun! I did manage to mistake one really big mortar for like a fountain or something, and light it on the ground. Bang! The State of Washington did not burn down, however.


  • At 11:06 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Bought some serious illegal mortars from the Indians in Tacoma this year. One of the brands is "Excaliber" which I'm pretty sure you've had before. I cringe to think you use to shoulder- launch those. At the stand a girl told me a kid lost his thumb and part of his hand goofing around with the same brand, just the day before. The area around these illegal stands looked like a fireworks war zone with all the debris.
    Oh yeah..."at the end of the day" I have a new phrase that bugs the crap out of me. It's "I'm just saying... or variations like "I'm just asking...
    Finally...where the hell is your passport application?! Don't have my passport yet, but at least they can confirm the application is being processed. They have no record of your application on line. Please look into this ASAP!.

  • At 1:47 PM , Blogger josh said...

    i study gov, so no help on the chem, sry...


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