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Friday, July 13, 2007

That's more like it: Today was a beautiful July day in Seattle. This stuff reminds me of why I love the Pacific Northwest, as much as the two preceding days reminded me of the very same thing. The day starts out with a light cloud cover, allowing my morning recovery ride to be cool, relaxing, and glare-free. Mister Sun eventually burns those away, but not before being lulled into passivity, only bringing up the heat to about 80. Then, I can head out to Seward Park, be just a bit too warm on the trip out, and perfectly comfortable again on the way back. Excellent.

I'm likewise relieved to read that the 300-odd-km I'll be riding on Saturday won't be in triple-digit weather.

In other news, I just ate 4 ice cream sandwiches, and a bag of skittles. I'm not normally about the ice creamy stuff, but these ones had cookies n' cream instead of vanilla, which is a plus, and my overly sensitive stomach was bothering me and normal dinner didn't really seem like a possibility. So, leave it to me to "settle my stomach" thus. But it seems to have worked.

VARSITY UPDATE: 150 miles so far. The front shifting is a ton and a half better with the Sora front derailleur. It's quick and snappy, and since the shifter is friction and there are only two chainrings from which to choose, as long as the limit screws do their thing, there's not much to go wrong. I can't say as much for the rear D, though, and really just have to presume that I'll never get it to -stop- making noise in nearly every gear. Likewise, out of the 7 cogs, I can only use 4 or 5 at any given time -- the cross-chain gear is out, and one or two get skipped. Maybe it'll break, and then I can upgrade the rear to Sora, too!

PruDog, you need to turn on the History Channel pronto: they're showing the History of Sunglasses (okay, among other things). I must say, the optics of these unnamed glasses are the spiffiest I've tried. They are definitely going to become my top off-the-bike sunnies, since I don't think I'm hipster enough to pull off the Raptors in a t-shirt. The Raptors have that all-important full-eye shielding goggle effect, though, which is nice. Is it impossible to do a photochromatic + polarization lens?

Fiction warning: if you read something on here in the near future that doesn't make any sense whatsoever, that's probably what it is.

TOUR DE FRANCE: That was a really nifty stage. Watch for the bit in the finale, when THIS ONE GUY and THIS OTHER GUY run it straight off the road. I fully expect a Jan Ullrich style into-the-ditch manoeuvre, but, no, both of them somehow brake / unclip / turn all at once, stay upright, and go straight on racing. That's some serious bike handling. I feel pretty sorry for THIS THIRD DUDE and A FOURTH, who crashed pretty hard at inopportune times. One more stage of boredom, and then the real racing starts. On the plus side, I'm getting those stages DVR'd by the 'rents, and I can watch them when I'm back in ptown on a nice plasma TV instead of my little monitor.

I should take my digital camera on rides more, so I have something to break up this monotony.



First comes from Dave Zabriskie, in an interview in Procycling: "I think everyone has a switch. A switch of anger. I don't think you can be happy and win."

Second, from Christian-not-Christopher, about my skinny bike racer arms: "You couldn't kick your own ass in a barfight."


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    Rudy project makes a polarized photocromatic lens.



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