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Monday, July 09, 2007

Varsity 2.24 update -

It broke!

Well, I fixed it.

125 miles to date on the varsity. Last week, I'm JRA, and I shift to the small ring before a hill. The bike makes a horrible grinding noise, and I stop to figure out what all the racket is about. It sounds like the chain rubbing the derailleur, only a lot worse. I realize that it's the actual derailleur cage, scraping along the big chainring.

Upon further examination of the front derailleur, the thing is not worth 5 cents. You know how the Varsity sports a "shimano drivetrain?" Well, the shifters and rear derailleur (only) are Shimano. The front derailleur is labelled "FALCON." It's made entirely of cheap stamped steel, held together by pop rivets, I think they are called. The black one you see. It didn't fully BREAK, but it worked its way loose enough to scrape along like I mentioned. You can see the PAINT off of the non-stainless steel rubbed off where stuff like that happened. Since it was a rivet, not a screw, I was SOL. Part broken. Also note the cheap, garbage mounting bolts.

I actually had to buy this Sora front derailleur from the used parts bin at an LBS. Cost me $4.50. I am shocked to say that a front derailleur alters the shifting a lot, but it does. Maybe it is because I carefully placed and adjusted it, maybe it is because the cage flexes less as the chain takes it up, but it's much quicker now. I might look and see if they have the matching rear derailleur, and if it would fit.

But, the coolest part of this is that I can say that I UPGRADED TO SORA And, hey, if this was a Bikesdirect dot com bike, I could say it was "Sora-Equipped!"


  • At 12:04 PM , Blogger josh said...

    SO STRONG that you bust front derailleurs.



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