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Saturday, August 25, 2007


Berlin cybertime is almost out!


This would work better if I knew more than like, 5 words of german. I have learned manage ordering coffee and a marzipan croissant for breakfast, which is awesome, but, 'for here or to go' kills me.

Berlin's public transit system r0ckz0r. It's how all cities should run it. LOTS and lots of trains, subways and surface lightrail and longrange commuter rail and streetcars plus a few busses, all on one unified system. Well, the longrange trains cost extra.

My father is amazed at all the cyclists -- I have seen perhaps 3 people on road bikes, but 93241037 people on the city bikes that essentially ubiquitous here: they look like stuff that doesn't exist in America any more. Full-sized wheels, fenders, a generator-light, and pullback bars are all standard. Also, most have large, sturdy center-stands like a dirt bike, and the standard short-trip locking plan is just to run a U-lock between the spokes of the rear wheel spokes and the frame, then put the stand on. No one seems to steal bikes when they are sitting thus, and I gather they are common and inexpensive.

I am thinking I would love to buy one of these as an errand and commuting bike.

The US needs to get with the program. Yeah, I know, I know....


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