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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Small Gift:

People call Tacoma a lot of weird things, including something about an elbow, but I certainly know it as the City of Potholes. These are the only potholes I know that you could actually fit a large pot into. Have you been to McMurray road in North Tacoma? It's that twisty little descent that heads down to the ... do they call that the tideflats? Anyhow, it's been a favorite road of mine since Chris showed it to me last year, but it was always a little sketchy because of the potholes. If you were Chris, or otherwise Crazy, you could run the whole thing wide open until the final corner. I usually braked, though, because one corner, your choice was either to swing into the oncoming traffic lane, or try to hit the six inches of pavement near the guardrail that weren't a giant pothole. There were a few other sketchy little whoop-de-doos and holy-craps along the way, just for good measure.

So, today, I turn left onto the thing and immediately turn out an enormous grin. It's been repaved! Smooth, slick black asphalt the whole way down. Mister Motor tells me that road had desperately needed repaving for, what, a decade?

Word is that potholes city-wide took a turn for the worse... no, they'd already done that. Word is that potholes city-wide took a flaming nose-dive off a cliff after the past two harsh winters of flooding and freezing, and that citizens finally complained with enough letters and votes that the city formed some sort of Pothole Action Committee which went about and decided what to do with all of the problem areas, and they've hit it pretty hard this summer.

To top it off, they even repaved Brown's Point. Wow!
Quote, unquote:

Chris asked me this very good question yesterday: why is it that, when someone is speaking, and intends to put quotation marks into his diction, they say, "You are looking at a quote-unquote giant purple elephant," rather than actually calling out the quotes where they are supposed to be, like this, "You are looking at a quote giant purple elephant unquote." So, why is it?

I also intend to write another bit about vegetarianism, protein, and nutrition, but I think I need to hold that thought and go eat some blackberry pie. I picked another gallon and a half of berries, just before the rains hit, so I'm pretty happy.


  • At 5:16 PM , Blogger josh said...

    they just repaved some of the worst roads around here as well. In fact, the three single worst roads I can think of, 2 have been repaved over the summer, and 1 is to be next spring suppposedly.

    one of our loops, half was repaved last fall, the other half this summer. its sooo nice now.


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