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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Things Said, part two:

At the Downtown Tacoma post office, there's no APC, so I had to wait in line to send a number of items I'd sold on eBay. I hopped off my fender-and-rack equipped bike, and hauled it up the stairs where I locked it to a railing. Clicked off my VauDe panniers, held the door open for an older gentleman, and promptly waited in line where a guy who clearly needed more friends spent ten minutes talking with the cashier about which sheet of stamps he'd buy.

While waiting for this, probably looking as impatient as I felt (okay, I tried not to be!), the man I held the door for decided to talk to me about my days as a bike messenger. I'm not, and he didn't tell me that he'd sorted it out that I was, either, so it was a little confusing. He just asked, "Getting blown off the road out there?" It was a seriously windy day.

"Yeah, trying not to," I laughed, flicking out my ipod earbuds.

"Busy day?"

"Um, it's a little hectic, not too bad." Yeah, I still didn't figure out what he
was getting at. I thought the guy was just being friendly!

"So, do you only do the downtown area?"

"Down ..." Oh. Now I get it. I didn't really have the heart to correct him, and he hadn't really said anything specific, so, I just said something about a little bit of everywhere.

After that, I tooled on down to Old Town, where I tried unsucessfully to harass The Kid at his new job at OTB. A cruise down the Ruston Waterfront, through the weird little town of the same name, and to the beach at Point Defiance.

No, I didn't take a digicam with me, but I should've. It's a sweet ride.

On the way down the waterfront, a carload of teenage boys shouts the typical "Nice ass!" comment. I am not really sure why you think this is funny. If you realized how painfully unoriginal that was, that a dozen dudes every bit as "cool" as you says this to me weekly, would you still bother? I don't actually care, though if you slowed down enough you'd get a lapful of water or Gatorade, just on principle.

Then, at the beach, a family was getting ready for what looked like a very nice picnic. They had a couple of young boys, one of whom looked at me rolling up and exlaimed "wow, it's a bike guy!" Yep, that's me.

"Yeah! How you doing?" I asked the kid.

"...gOOD." he decides. Then he waits a few moments, furrows his eyebrows, and asks back, "how YOU doin?"

Thanks, kid. That made the ride.


  • At 9:00 PM , Blogger STOKED I AM said...

    Alright already, time for a new post! Wait, your new teammate is that local fast guy who never updates his blog. What is it, contagious? Even PruDog is getting stingy with the new posts.


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