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Friday, November 16, 2007


1 ) Nice Hat!

Thanks, Stoked, for my new StokedHat. It is warm, comfy, and included a very nice ziplock bagggie. Yeah, whatever, I just got back from an eight-hour day on the bike, pointed the camera at my face, and clicked. I DO look like a zombie with sunglasses tanlines. People asked me if there is skiing already.

2 ) Nice jacket!

I've been wearing long-sleeved cycling jerseys for my commute to work, even on a cruiser bike with jeans or slacks. They get a lot less sweaty with my bag on than does anything cotton, and they're still warm. Since the general expectation is that I must stay within arm's reach of a bike at all times while wearing bike clothing, I am surprised how many people tell me "Wow, cool jacket. Where'd you get that?" when I'm wearing this combo off the bike at work, drinking my pre-shift coffee.

I kinda thought my Portland State University long-sleeve seemed like okay casual wear -- pockets aside, it is mostly black and fairly simple. But my new Seigler / Axley winter kit is firetruck red, white, with black accents and a bunch of sponsor logos. I thought I'd look like polyester meets NASCAR, but, even fashionable young ladies have approved of it. No, I have no pictures of this, and sadly, not of the fashionable young ladies.

3 ) Nice bag! Nobody seems to know what Chrome bags ARE up here, which is kinda surprising, but all of the non-cycling types (should I call 'em "civilians?") dig it, especially the trademark Griffin-logo'd buckle. I love my chrome bag almost enough to turn "heart" into a verb. That seems to be the trend these days.

4 ) Coming maybe soon to a catalogue near you: Yours Truly. It is not a very big one, but I got just shy of a week of Starbucks pay in one day, and the check says "Modelling." That was an interesting experience. I got to see a place that I HAVE to ride, once all the snow melts, which will probably be like, March. It's Lion's Rock, near Ellensburg, WA.


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