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Friday, November 09, 2007

Product Placement:

I suppose I'd better tell y'all about some of the new stuff I've been up to --

Axley USA / Gin Optics models shown L-R: Ozone, Paradisio, Stungunner.

The Ozones are equipped with Photochromagic ReActive lenses that fade from clear to a light tint in ultraviolet light. I'm undecided about photochromatic technology. I like having it a lot for most riding: the Northwest often goes from cloudy to sunbreaks and back to clouds eleventeen times in a given ride, and it's great to have the glasses work with ya. Not fumbling with different-colored lenses for different days is a plus, too. Also, it's kinda neat to be able to go somewhere dark and not have to remove one's glasses, but if it's suddenly dark, like a tunnel, it still takes thirty seconds or so to fully transition. Also, since ANY glass blocks almost all ultraviolet light, if you are in a vehicle or indoors, but it is bright, the lenses won't change at all. Finally, when totally clear, the Ozones look like something you'd wear to the set of The Wonder Years.

Paradisio -- oh, how relieved I am not to have to call these glasses "The New Axley Model" any more. I picked up a set of these last summer, before their official release, and the name still hadn't been set. People would often ask me what those cool new glasses were, and I'd have to give a short speech, instead of just saying "Paradisio." Name game notwithstanding, these have to be my fave shades. They've got pretty decent coverage for riding, but look great off the bike, too. I think if I were making marketing materials, I'd call 'em "Active lifestyle" glasses. It's hard to tell from my terrible digicam shots, but they get plenty of compliments just walking about, and as an added bonus, they turn everything a nifty green color.

Speaking of active-lifestyle, if you're feeling particularly saucy, rock some Stungunners at the cafe. They look sweet, in a Matrix sort of way. While I don't have the sweet pink ones like Stoked has, I'm liking them on the bike a lot, too. They've got lots of coverage on the sides, a free-floating lens on the bottom, and an uncanny ability to hide the big sidebar of the frame in your blind spot, which means you don't get their frames in your FOV. (Ya know, Field of Vision? I just made that up.) Anyway they're not as aggressive of sport glasses as my Raptors might be, but you can wear these suckers for anything.

Yeah, SBUX has been my paycheck-bearing home for about a month now. As those who have stageraced with me know, I'm the Guy Who Drinks Coffee After Dinner AND in the Morning. Caffeine, what? I live on it.

Starbucks French Roast has been my go-to bean for some time now, whenever I haven't had the time or cash to source something else. It's consistent, rich, and available at Costco! I think this is almost the darkest commercially available coffee -- to be fair, you are mostly tasting THAT, and not the beans -- but it's still mighty good if you're into that sort of thing. A little more complex flavors than the direct, smooth espresso roasts, it's my yardstick in dark roasts.

The Starbucks Anniversary Blend this year absolutely rocks. It's the best coffee-house special coffee from the bull in the china shop company I've tried, and I'm all the more sad that it's gone. It's spicy, dark, and deliciously bold, without the earthy aftertaste that I get grumpy about. You juuust might be able to find a starbucks that has a bag of this left, but, I doubt it.

If you missed out, what you CAN get is this year's Christmas Blend. Oh yes, it may be 10 November but it is Christmas at Starbucks. The same aged Indonesian coffees that gave the Anniversary blend its kick are present here, but overall the coffee is smoother, lighter. It's kind of bathrobe coffee: you can drink it first thing in the morning without it blowing you over. Personally, I WANT to be blown over most of the time, but it's nice to have in your arsenal. When the weather gets nasty, I think I'll drink this more.

Fiery? Arsenal? KOMODO DRAGON. This might be too much for me most days, with a powerful taste and an earthy finish. If you like that pacific-rim style coffee, with an aromatic nose and a lingering flavor that would recall a lot of agricultural words, this is your coffee.


  • At 3:27 PM , Blogger Old as dirt said...

    Working at the BUX? We must stop by, but we won't be down that way until next March, going to races. Oh, we will be going to the USGP ccx races in PDX at the beginning of Dec. We can drop by then. You must be in heaven working there. My doctor told me to drink coffee to help prevent migranes!! It's now offically MEDICINE ;-)


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