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Monday, November 26, 2007

Tacoma Fog 3 of 3: Stadium High

I was out of batteries by Point Defiance Zoo, but that's okay. The views of the Narrows, out across to the Peninsula and Gig Harbor, were totally obscured in mist.

A bit of light broke as I passed Stadium High, which actually exists and is a working public school. At least aesthetically, wow. Who wouldn't want this as their high school?

The place is like a castle. It featured in the Shakespeare-derived Hollywood film "Ten Things I Hate About You," which I watched when I was in high school for some English extra credit. At that point, I was incredulous that the school was real, and I didn't find out the story until moving to the Sound.

There's some kind of backstory about the place being originally designed as a hotel. I don't know, but you can probably find out more at their website if you like. I can't think about it much more without looking back at my time in high school. That would make me grumpy and regretful, so we won't go there. Instead, just look at how cool this place is:


  • At 12:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Cool Pics. I have any friends that attended Stay Dum. Great school but in need of the overhaul it so richly deserved a couple years ago.

    Thanks for showing up for some of our team rides. Hope to see you out again soon. I will be sampling some Vancouver BC area roads next weekend.



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