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Monday, November 26, 2007

Tacoma Fog --

On Sunday, I was planning to ride up to the U District in Seattle to hook up with Pdog & co., but the Seattle Marathon had overtaken Lk. Washington Blvd, and I didn't know any other decent route up that way. Instead, I headed back south, through Tacoma, to do the tried-and-true Point Defiance loop. Unlike most South-Sounders, I have probably only done this ride a dozen times, so it's not as old hat to me.

I had my digicam with me, but in the thirty-four degree weather, I got about twenty-five pictures out of a set of double-A's. Weak.

Still, I have three things to show you:

The first is the new trail. I'm trying to sort out exactly where this trail is going, but at least in theory the Milton Interurban Trail, when completed, will hook up over the hill all the way to the existing trail to Seattle. Political statements on what it replaces aside, here's what we're looking at:

Pretty cool. On the next shot, you'd actually be looking at I-5, if you could see through the foliage. I'm consistently impressed with how much rural flavor the Milton area has, despite its proximity to urban, industrial, and suburban developments -- yes, all three.

If you look on Google Maps, this part of the trail is actually still on there as a road: Barth Rd, in Fife. Look for where I-5 elbows west just north of Tacoma -- there's a little deadend road that shoots off diagonally from that elbow. That's it. They've paved it, now, but I am 95% certain it's for the trail, and not for cars. There is still a closed gate, and no indication of when the "official" opening date is:


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