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Friday, November 09, 2007

What IS a "morning person," anyway? I'd never have thought it would be called me. I'm far too enchanted with three in the morning. But, even so, I love the quiet early morning hours. Who doesn't love the cool, moist dawn air?

I won't wax too poetic right here, though. Instead, I'm writing this to tell you about my breakfast.

Part of the reason I love mornings is that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Today's looks like this:

As you can see, I like variety. I'm out of the blackberry jam I made over the summer. Wow, I'm impressed how fast I went through that. I still have a bunch of frozen berries, though, and those go in the oatmeal while it's cooking, and make it all purple.

Stoked asked me to participate in a recipe-sharing list recently, and I had to pass, mostly because I have no idea how to cook much of anything. I don't HAVE any recipes -- so much so that when I tried to type this, I misspelled it "RECIPIE."

But this oatmeal is really good. It has the berries cooked into it, like I said, added just as the oatmeal is starting to thicken. Don't use those silly quick oats, either. I crush some hazelnuts and almonds, and throw those in as it's cooling. Then I sprinkle a little bit of some kind of dry cereal over the top -- this is Kashi Golean Crunch -- for more texture, and about a tablespoon of soymilk.

I used to just do the ol' raisins, brown sugar route, but this is way better.


  • At 8:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    the only meat i eat is yours! Vonteity

  • At 4:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hey - is Vonteity the same egomaniac mannish chic from RBR? I can't stand that fat legged 'know it all' - plus she takes over every thread to focus on herself. C^nt! -


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