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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Share the road, and let everyone know you do:

Since many of you fine readers reside in the RoC (No, not that the other one. The GREEN one. The Republic of Cascadia, yo.) live in the Department of Oregon, I humbly ask that you check this out

Thanks, Kman and Jonathan, who does a whole lot more good for cycling than I do.

The short of it is: Pay $20 for four years, or $10 per year. Get a license plate that says "share the road." You can do it in Washington,, too, but that one's been out for a little while now.

Why should I do this?. Because you like bikes, right? And even if you don't cycle much, you know someone like your humble narrator who does, and who'd like to make risks to life and limb as reasonably low as possible.

How will this help? First of all, the dollar issue. You're contributing to non-profit causes that support cycling safety and awareness, like the Bicycle Transportation Alliance in Portland. But, and I think more importantly, you are raising awareness out there. They are kind of like Sharrows (little painted symbols that depict a bike in the auto traffic lane) in that they are passive, with no real effect on their own, but they might make people think for a minute the next time they think coming within inches of a cyclist is funny, or will somehow teach a lesson.

Why don't I put my money where my mouth is? I'm not getting one of these plates, for Oregon or Washington. Of course, what would I do with it? Put it on my head? On my messenger bag?


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