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Friday, December 07, 2007

Wow. I baked something.

Now I know why there "scone mix" is a silly thing. This takes nothing. Flour, cream, eggs, butter. Baking powder, a little sugar, a bit of salt. Extra stuff -- blackberries on the one, lemon juice and peel plus poppy seeds on the other.

Partially this is because I am cheap, and partially because though my employer makes quality coffee their baked goods leave something to be desired. This makes me wonder: if I can make these, what do THEY do?


  • At 4:15 PM , Blogger STOKED I AM said...

    When you realize that highly refined white flour, cream, eggs, and butter maybe aren't the best nutrition, try Irish brown-bread scones. Coarse-ground whole grains, low-fat buttermilk, and a little baking soda. Raisins if you wish.

  • At 4:27 PM , Blogger Argentius said...

    Because, Stoked, you'n I both need to slim down so much! I get tons o' whole grains daily anyway, but, those sound good, plus I could probably eat them before a ride without my stomach exploding.

    I'll have to figure out where to get the grain stuff, though.

    I AM a total novice at this stuff.


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