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Friday, March 28, 2008

Speaking Too Soon:

"This weather just sucks," she declares to me as she turns sideways to fit both the lattes she's carrying along with her considerable bulk through the front door of Starbucks. What was a chilly but clear morning has turned into an afternoon of rain, slush, and snow flurries. Breezy, highs in the upper thirties.

I follow behind her, and, with half a smile, agree, "It IS a little bit wet out."

"It's just nasty," she says forcefully, and braces herself for the walk across the parking lot to a waiting silver sport-utility. As I pull my scarf over my mouth, she gives me a glance. I unlock my big commuter bicycle from the rack out front, holster the u-lock at my hip, in the strap of my messenger bag, and laugh behind the wool. I'm not sure that she actually feels silly, but I'd like to think maybe it dawned upon her. While I'm not necessarily trying to bludgeon folks over the head with bike commuting, I do enjoy making a point by example.

I talked about the awesomeness of Pacific Northwest cycling, so it's only fitting that I've gotten to experience the OTHER side of it this week. Snow in what is nearly April is a strange thing for the area, for sure, as are highs of thirty-seven degrees.

Whatever. You can do this. So can I.

Also, there is something awesome about riding in the snow, too, since you know it's not going to accumulate too much onto the ground with it still above freezing. It IS funny how much people absolutely go nuts. Every day, as I ride over the I-5 bridge, I've had my own little chuckle at the thousands stuck in traffic, going almost literally nowhere.

Today's Pet Peeve of the Day becomes an asshole of the day in the form of my new neighbor, who thankfully got quite quickly smacked down. I live in an apartment complex in which each entry-staircase has six apartments: three floors, two doors per floor. I live on the middle floor. The new neighbor on the ground floor, on my side, is physically closest to the stairwell. For some reason, this gave her the idea that along with her rent she somehow got the space below the stairwell.

This is the place where I've been parking my aforementioned commuter bike. It's out of the way, out of the rain, and works quite nicely. The second day she lived there, I found a note on my bike as I left for work. It began "Your bike belongs "in" your apartment, not in my space..." Oh, you think so, do you? To be blunt, where the fuck do you get off, lady? She finished up the little nasty-gram with the demand that I either move my bike, or she'd "take up the issue with the management ... it's "your" choice." Both the sets of quotes around IN and YOUR were included in the original.

I think the worst type of asshole is the one who thinks they're being decent, polite, and proper. Thankfully, my apartment complex is managed by a handful of decent people, not a property management company, and so I simply showed the manager the note, and told her that I planned to keep my vehicle outside of my aparment, thanks very much. Unless, with a smile, I asked, would you like me to get a parking permit for a space for it? She laughed and said, of course, that it was quite all right where it was.

I've still never actually spoken to the oh-so-neighborly new lady, but I keep parking my bike-car outside, at the bottom of the stairs, and have found no new nasty notes, so I think she got the message.

Unrelated note from the editor On April first, Verizon's going to give me a new phone, and I'm in all likelihood going to get an Lg enV, which as previously mentioned features an integrated two-megapixel digicam, so that I can actually add photos to your reading pleasure. Stay, you know. Tuned.


  • At 9:10 PM , Blogger josh said...

    riding in the snow is fun...once or twice. 3 months later, having to clean your bike from all the sand they dump on the roads....not so much fun. trust me


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